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Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review: Contents, Instructions & Does It Work?

If you’re looking to pass a urine sample drug test then Clear Choice Sub Solution is the fake urine product you will see recommended most. In this Sub Solution review, I’m going to explain why it’s so highly recommended, and how likely it is to pass a drug test.

You will learn everything you need to know to use it, including what’s in the Sub Solution powdered urine kit, what the formula contains that will pass a drug test, full instructions, and some top tips on making sure you don’t get caught out when you are submitting it.

Plus, I’ll also compare Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, another top urine brand, and also explain the difference between Sub Solution and a new fake urine product from Clear Choice called Quick Luck. All that’s coming at you in the next five minutes, so let’s get started.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Sub Solution is the number one selling brand of fake urine and has been for several years. Quick Fix and a number of other fake urine products used to be the bestsellers, but they aren’t because of the way that drug testing has become more complex and able to spot fake samples.

Fake urine attempts to mimic human urine as closely as possible so that it passes validity checks when you submit the sample.

Once those validity checks are done (starting with testing the temperature), then it’s tested against various panels the presence of drug metabolites. Usually, this is five panels for the cheapest and most common drug test, but it can go up to 12 panel is including alcohol.

Sub Solution was the most complex formula on the market. Even now, it’s only been outclassed by the newer fake urine from Clear Choice called Quick Luck. So if you’re going to pass a drug test with fake urine, then Sub Solution is pretty much as good as you are going to get.

What Fake Urine Needs To Contain To Pass A Drug Test

To pass a urine test with fake pee, it has to be a not only complex formula but have other attributes that mimic human urine:

  1. Sub Solution powdered urine kit contains creatinine. This is a waste product of creatine which is generated when muscles are used, so it always found in human urine. If it’s not there, then it points to either a fake sample or a diluted (flushed out) sample.
  2. Sub Solution also contains urea and uric acid, both of which are always present in urine and often checked for the presence of during validity testing.
  3. Sub Solution is also within the correct pH range and within the correct specific gravity range for human urine. Again if it’s not, it points to a fake or adulterated sample.
  4. Sub Solution also looks and froths like the real thing. So it’s going to pass visual scrutiny and not arouse suspicion that would potentially prompt a deeper investigation.
  5. Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide. This is an artificial preservative that’s found in most fake urine products to keep the shelf life long. But it was rumored a couple of years ago that LabCorp and Quest had realized this fact, and was starting to build testing for biocide into the initial validity checks to spot fake samples. Sub Solution is one of only a handful of brands that definitely doesn’t contain it, and that fact is confirmed on the company’s website.

Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit Contents

When you buy your box of Sub Solution, you may be a little underwhelmed by what’s in it:

  • Plastic bottle containing powdered urine
  • Mixing container (that also gets used to submit the sample)
  • A small vial of heat activator Powder
  • Sub Solution also comes with full instructions

But please don’t be disappointed. The power is in that powdered urine because as you now know, it’s very complex and closely mimics human urine enough to pass pretty much any drug test.

Also though, don’t underestimate the importance of the heat activator powder. That’s actually the crucial part that removes the biggest reason people fail a drug test using fake urine: submitting it outside the right temperature range.

Most fake urine kits come with a heatpad. This is air-activated and emits a hopefully steady enough heat to keep it within the temperature range required, a very narrow band between 90°F and 100°F, to pass a drug test.

If the temperature is outside this range then it will be rejected as obviously fake.

The beauty of the heat activator powder is that you don’t need to attach a heatpad and hope it keeps radiating a steady heat for one or more hours at all, you just use it literally before you go and submit the sample, and it works in seconds.

Sub Solution powdered urine kit

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Instructions & Top Tips For Passing A Drug Test

 So let’s move to the main part of the Sub Solution review by telling you how to use it.

These are the full Sub Solution instructions you need:

  1. Using clean water (filtered water is best), fill the supplied plastic mixing bottle to the level needed.
  2. Then add the entire container of Sub Solution powdered urine into the water.
  1. Very gently agitate the liquid for a few moments until it’s completely dissolved and clear. You should then look and froth like human urine.
  2. Then just head off to where you are submitting your sample. Just before you go in, check the temperature. If it’s warm and have transported it against your body, it could be registering on the temperature strip already.
  3. You want the temperature to be as close to 100°F, but not over otherwise it will be too hot, and won’t register a reading. Tap in a little heat activator powder, and shake it until it dissolves. When you got that temperature reading close to 100°F, go in and submit your fake sample.

Now look, perversely, people worry about getting caught with the fake sample on them. I have never, ever, found any evidence of anyone actually being caught. Unless you literally walk in holding the bottle, they don’t search you, and a drug test is unsupervised (for the rare instance where it’s a supervised drug test fake urine isn’t suitable, you will have to use a detox drink).

The biggest reason you will fail is either using poor quality fake urine or because you submitted it outside that legal temperature range. But with Sub Solution, that’s not a problem because you have total control over the exact temperature of the sample because of the incredible heat activator powder, alongside knowing it’s so complex it almost identically mimics human urine. It takes all of that worry away.

I passed my latest on-the-job drug test back in January. I used sub solution as it’s always done with at least 24 hours’ notice. Sub solution is updated every year, so the formula was actually a year out of date, but it still passed. That’s why I always use it.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix Plus

People often look at a comparison of Clear Choice Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix6.2, another popular brand of fake urine. But for me, that’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. They are both synthetic urine, but worlds apart in terms of quality.

If you’re going for a very basic pre-employment drug test, a cheap five panel one, then Quick Fix could well pass for you. It contains the basics of creatinine, urea, and uric acid.

But it doesn’t look as realistic as Sub Solution, and it doesn’t froth quite as well. But it does cost half the price

Sub Solution on the other hand contains 14 chemicals found in human urine. It’s perfectly balanced, as well as looking and frothing like real urine. They really are incomparable, and when the difference in price is just $40, I would never advise you to choose Quick Fix over Sub Solution.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Where To Buy Clear Choice Sub Solution Online

The best place to buy Sub Solution online is from the company who makes it, Clear Choice. It’s available on their website at

Sub Solution costs $80, so it’s not cheap but it is an incredible brand of fake urine.

If you want to go one better, then you could buy Quick Luck. It’s even more complex in the formula, and it’s premixed. It costs an extra $20, so a $100 outlay to get your hands on the absolute best fake urine you can buy.

There’s also something new from Clear Choice called the “practice kit”. It contains everything Quick Luck and Sub Solution does apart from the urine. You can just use warm water and practice both with heat pads and heat activator powder.

You can see how the temperature strip works, and how quickly the temperature changes using the heat activator powder. You can then also see how long the heat stays within the right temperature range, so you can plan to ensure that you know exactly how to submit the sample so it’s always within the right temperature range. You could even do a dummy run of going to the testing facility and getting the temperature right before you go in.

If you’re just looking at the best possible combo at the best possible price, then I would go for the Sub Solution and practice kit combo deal.

You’ll save $30 if you do that, meaning that you’ll get the full practice kit and Sub Solution together for just $115.

It’s not an insignificant outlay, but if you are serious about passing a urine sample drug test, then Clear Choice Sub Solution and the practice kit are definitely the most comprehensive option on the market, except for the Quick Luck/practice kit combo deal if you are happy to spend an extra $20.