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Does Quick Fix Still Work? Read The Truth In This Quick Fix Review

Does Quick Fix still work? That’s a question I’ve seen asked more and more online recently. I’ve had several experiences with Quick Fix, and couple of guys I know have used it recently as well. So in this Quick Fix synthetic urine review, it’s not one of those cold review articles, this is really about personal experiences.

I’m going to tell you how good this stuff is right now. I’m going to compare it to Sub Solution, the undoubted top brand out there for complexity and ease-of-use.

So what you’re going to get in this review of Quick Fix is full instructions including some ideas from me on how to submit a fake sample intelligently. Plus, I’ll answer at key question: does Quick Fix still work?

What’s In Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix is a brand of fake urine that’s been around for quite a few years, I think 10 years or more as far as I know. I first came across it about four years ago when I was going for a part-time job after I left college.

I was smoking like a lunatic and I knew I would fail, even a natural detox backed up by detox pills could still have taken me a couple of weeks, so not enough time.

Quick Fix was what everyone was talking about when I searched online, so I bought some. Yes, people online were saying that Quick Fix Plus failed them, but I thought they were just idiots, and that the overwhelming consensus seemed to be it works fine.

What you’re getting with Quick Fix is a very basic synthetic urine kit:

  • The fake urine is premixed
  • It contains urea and uric acid
  • Quick Fix also contains creatine
  • Quick Fix does not contain biocide
  • It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • It “sort of” looks like the real thing

I was a bit naïve looking back, but I trusted the feedback online. Thankfully, I passed that drug test. So for passing basic drug tests Quick Fix appears to work, although my experience with it is a bit outdated.

But look, a couple of people I know, one online, and one socially, have used Quick Fix in the past year to pass a drug test as well. Let me say here that they were only basic pre-employment tests, those really cheap ones that you just know the lab don’t give a crap about because they’re making very little money. But the evidence is Quick Fix works.

Quick Fix Instructions

His instructions for using Quick Fix to successfully pass a drug test:

  1. First, you have to activate the heatpad. Because it’s air activated it can take up to 15 minutes to get warm. If you just strap it on cold the sample will get cool before the heatpad can stabilize the heat.
  2. Quick Fix is premixed s book o all you have to do is put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds and shake it. Look at the temperature strip, it should register on the temperature strip (which registers heat of between 90°F and 100°F, the legal range at which samples have to be accepted by a lab). Keep doing that until the temperature is as close to 100°F as possible.
  3. Strap the heatpad to the sample. The Quick Fix heatpad is slightly flexible, and you do get an elastic band with the kit. But for me, I’d use duct tape the sample strapped to it securely.
  4. Wear two pairs of underwear. Tuck the sample in between the pairs of underwear. That way it’s kept very secure, and is close to your skin without the potential for so much chance of overheating the sample. Then where loose joggers. Or some sort baggy shorts or trousers. You don’t want to arouse any suspicion with unsightly bulges. Or if you can’t do that, where a longer T-shirt that covers your crotch area.
  5. When you get to the lab make sure you check the temperature before you walk in. If it has cooled, you will need a plan B quickly. For me that means hot water. Carry some with you, or know in advance where the closest sources are, a bar, a café, somewhere with a restroom where you can run the sample under a warm tap to raise the temperature.

Quick fix synthetic urine

Does Quick Fix Work?

So look, no Quick Fix synthetic urine review is going to be accurate unless it tells you the truth about Quick Fix working or failing.

Quick Fix is a very basic formula, but it contains your urea, uric acid, and creatinine. Those are the basics a lab might look for. If it’s a very simple pre-employment drug test they probably won’t scrutinize it further than that, so you will be safe.

Stacked up against Sub Solution though, the number one brand, that’s a different story. I’ll cover that in a moment. But for $40, Quick Fix can still work for low-level drug tests.

The Key Reasons Why Quick Fix Plus Failed People

The key reasons why Quick Fix failed people are:

  1. The lab was vigilant and scrutinized the sample more closely than usually for a basic pre-employment drug test. Although this is unlikely, there is evidence online that some experience lab technicians hold samples up to the light and have stated that Quick Fix has a slight green look to it.
  2. The level of drug test that they were facing was more advanced. The more you pay, the more checks that are done on the sample. So if you’re facing an insurance drug test, or one for law enforcement, or the courts, or a serious job, then you could face a higher standard of drug test.
  3. Most importantly, they could have failed because they submitted the Quick Fix sample outside that magical 10° temperature range. That could be because they messed up, or because the heat pad failed them.

So as long as you are only facing a basic drug test then you should be fine, as long as you get a little bit lucky. The only thing you can control is the temperature range, and although the heatpad is good on Quick Fix, it does give a margin for error you can’t control.

Quick fix instructions

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Vs Sub Solution

So how does Quick Fix compare to Sub Solution?

As you now know, Quick Fix is a very budget brand of fake urine, with a very simple formula that’s only just capable of passing a basic pre-employment drug test.

Sub Solution is a completely different animal altogether though:

  • Sub Solution contains 14 chemicals found in human urine
  • It’s perfectly balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Sub Solution looks, smells, and even froths like real human urine
  • Sub Solution doesn’t rely on a heatpad to keep it warm

Let me just talk to you about why Sub Solution doesn’t rely on a heatpad to keep the sample within the correct temperature range.

Sub Solution uses heat activator powder. It’s literally a powder you pour into the sample, shake up, and then watch as the temperature rises. You add a little bit at a time, until the sample is within that magical 10° temperature range that will pass it is valid.

So you’re not relying on having to transport the sample with the heatpad strapped to it, and you’re not worrying about the heat being pumped out at a steady temperature so that sample keeps within the temperature range needed for as long as a couple of hours.

Quick Fix Vs Sub Solution

Conclusion Of My Quick Fix Review

So look, I passed a drug test using Quick Fix. Does Quick Fix work? Yes for basic pre-employment drug tests I believe it still does.

That view is backed up by two people I know having passed drug tests using Quick Fix in the recent past. But it’s more of a hair raising experience because it lacks complexity and you are relying on the heatpad.

The truth is that if you really want peace of mind, or you are facing a more complex drug test then Sub Solution is definitely the way to go.

The complexity means you are not going to get caught out so easily by being scrutinized in the lab.

You also not relying on a heatpad. That convenient activator powder is gold dust because you simply add it before you go in, and you can even check the sample temperature behind the screen (or even in a different room) during that unsupervised drug test. Simply sprinkle a little more of that gold dust into the sample, and watch the temperature rise to keep you safe.

So for just $40 (four Quick Fix plus) the conclusion of my Quick Fix review is that if you’re on a budget, or you don’t care that much, then it’s fine. It stands a great chance of still passing a drug test.

If you’ve got the money though, or it’s an important drug test, then please just spend the extra 40 bucks on buying Sub Solution instead.