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How To Use Detox Pills For Weed [Best Pills Revealed]

Detox pills for weed is a tough topic that is full of bad advice, false facts, and some really dubious THC detox pill products.

So I want to do in this quick piece is to cut through all the disinformation to tell you exactly how to use detox pills to get rid of weed, and in fact any drug metabolite, from your body to pass a drug test.

We will quickly cover how detox pills work, what you need to do to use them properly, the pills to avoid, and also at the end of this guide, I’ll reveal exactly what the best detox pills are for pushing out the drug toxins fastest.

How Detox Pills Work

When you take drugs the waste products created are called metabolites, and these drift around your body until they are removed from the body through your urine and stools. For most people, this process only takes a few days, but for a chronic weed smoker, it can take weeks for the metabolites to work their way out of the body.

If you want to pass a drug test properly, to be naturally clean, then a natural detox is the only way to get rid of these metabolites. You basically follow the instructions I’m going to give you in a moment to get the toxins out permanently, and as quickly as possible.

So in terms of using detox pills for weed, or any other drug metabolite, it’s a case of taking them from day one of your natural detox and then monitoring your progress to see when you are clean.

Powerful detox pills have the ability to speed up the removal of toxins from your body significantly. They help your natural processes to work better, and they contain powerful ingredients that help things to happen more quickly.

The net effect of all this is that if it would take you two weeks get clean, then the best detox pills out there can get you clean in half the time.

How To Do A Natural Detox

So to give your body the best chance of naturally eliminating toxins at the fastest rate it can, you have to do a natural detox, which is basically living well and eating healthily until all the toxins are gone:

  1. You have to eat well, which includes cutting out refined carbohydrates and sugar. You need simple foods in small amounts that the body can process quickly. Lean meat and protein, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fiber (which can help draw THC metabolites out through the bowels more quickly).
  2. You’ll have to exercise, which means sweating every day as metabolites can also exit through the skin. Go for a walk, run, bike ride, lift some weights, just get active to speed up your metabolism.
  3. Cut out drug toxins obviously, but also things like caffeine, alcohol, and any other medications where possible, to give your body the best chance of processing what’s already in it.

how to detox for a drug test

How To use Detox Pills For Weed (Or Any Other Drug)

So you’re doing the natural detox, which could take as long as two weeks if you are a heavy drug user. This is where using marijuana detox pills coming, this is where they power things up and take you to the next level, potentially halving the amount of time you have to do a natural detox for.

From day one, you take the required amount of pills each day with water. This helps to push out far more toxins than your body can naturally through the day. Be prepared for what you see coming out though! But the best detox pills out there also contain pre and post course options as well.

For example, Rescue 5 Day detox has a set of pre-rid pills that you take the day before you start the main five day course. It then contains finisher pills for the day after and detox capsules for the day of your test.

Toxin Rid, another powerful detox pill course, also comes with post course options, a fiber supplement, and potent detox liquid.

So as you can see, you take the main pill courses alongside your detox, but you may have to consume other supplements pre and post course as well to stand the best chance of getting completely clean.

how to use detox pills

Do Drug Detox Pills Work?

So, of course, you want to know do detox pills work? In fact, it was only a couple of weeks ago one of my friends texted me and asked (forgive his crap English): Does detox pills work?

I told him they definitely do, and I told him about the two best brands out there, which I will cover in detail in a moment.

But yes, as long as you do a natural detox, they will definitely speed up the elimination of toxins, as long as you get the real deal and not some of the awful quality detox pills I’m going to warn you away from right now.

Detox Pills That Do NOT Work

People who panic go and look at sites like Walmart, GNC, and Walgreens, or possibly Amazon and eBay. They are in a panic and they think that detox pills will just sweep the toxins out of their body in a couple of days.

So they spend $30 and think they got the holy grail. What they’ve actually got is something that’s worthless or just a cheap supplement that helps to process general toxins in the body at a slightly more accelerated rate.

The bottom line here is that nothing you can buy any of these general retailers will work to pass a drug test. They just aren’t powerful enough, and they have a hideous track record. The best detox pills are definitely not available from any of these general retailers.

The Best Detox Pills For A Drug Test

So now I want to tell you what the best detox pills for drug test success are. They are definitely the best detox pills out there, and alongside a natural detox, both will work a treat.

But you have to be honest and realistic about your toxin levels. If you are smoking a joint every couple of days, then you have light to moderate toxin exposure. If you are smoking every day, then you have high toxin exposure. That’s the same with other drugs as well, but once you have cut those drugs out, it’s weed that stays in your system for longer.

Rescue 5 Day Detox

So the first of the two best detox pills is Rescue 5 Day detox. I mentioned it earlier and told you that it’s actually an eight day course, with the main groups of pills being taken over five days. Now let me say up front that it’s not as powerful as the best detox pill out there, but it is a great budget option, costing around $60.

As long as you follow a natural detox, then unless you’ve got high toxin exposure, you should be clean in around 4-7 days.

But if you have high levels of toxins in your body I wouldn’t recommend Rescue 5 Day detox as your number one choice. It will help if you’ve got nothing else available, but it’s not the most powerful solution if you want to definitely get rid of all toxins as fast as possible.

Rescue 5 day detox

Toxin Rid 1- 10 Day Detox Course

Based on ingredients and my research, using Toxin Rid a year ago to naturally detox in less than a week, and looking at the evidence online, I believe it’s the most potent detox pill course you can use.

You can get course durations from a single day all the way through to 10 days in length. Anything less than five days is for people with light toxin exposure levels, while the 7 and 10 day courses are the ones you should go for if you know that you are going to have a lot of toxins to get rid of.

Even if you’re just smoking one joint a day, the number of toxins building up in your body (because of the way cannabis metabolites can cling to cells) can be significant, so I’d recommend you always go for the toxin rid 7 or 10 day course, the 10 day course if you can afford it.

It’s not cheap though, with the Toxin Rid 10 day detox course costing $190. But they are definitely the most potent detox pills you will get your hands on.

Whether you choose Toxin Rid (and I really suggest you do), or Rescue 5 Day detox, always make sure that you buy several home drug test kits at the same time. These are cheap and easy to use.

Start using them a few days into your detox, and then every other day afterward. This will help to monitor your progress. Make sure you leave one for the day after you finish the course, to make sure you are truly clean.

If you want a cast-iron guarantee you’ll pass the drug test, I’d also recommend you keep a home drug test kit back, and have a high-quality detox drink in reserve as well (something like Rescue Cleanse).

Do a final home drug test kit a couple of hours before you leave, and if stray toxins are in evidence, drink the detox drink to mask them, as it will have very little work to do as you have already eradicated most of the toxins.

But even for heavy weed smoker, I’m telling you that following these instructions will almost guarantee leaving you permanently clean if you do the 10 day Toxin Rid course, and if you have light toxin exposure the shorter courses, or Rescue 5 Day detox are brilliant alternatives.