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How to pass a drug test

The Best Detox Drinks For Weed & How To Use Them

In this quick guide, we’re going to look at what the best detox drinks for weed are, and how to use them to easily pass a drug test. There are some misconceptions about detox drinks and how to use them properly, so I want to clear those up by telling exactly how you should use a detox drink to pass a drug test.

We will look into how to use detox drinks, how they compare to using detox pills and explain why homemade (home remedy) detox drinks are just not worth your time.

As well as all that, we are going to cover what the worst detox drinks are, and also tell you what the top three best detox drinks for weed and other drug metabolites are.

How Drug Metabolites Work

When you smoke a joint or take any type of drug, the active ingredients leave behind cell-sized waste products called metabolites.

These metabolites move around the bloodstream, but usually within 24-48 hours, they work their way to your organs to be processed and rejected from the body. This is mostly done through the bowels, liver, and kidneys, and then out through urine and bowel movements.

Overwhelmingly, drug metabolites work their way out through your urine. Cannabis is slightly different because the structure of the waste cells means that they can attach to cells in the body, taking longer to work out. Also, cannabis metabolites tend to be removed from the body through the bowels, with more than 60% exiting in this way.


How A Detox Drink For Weed Works

The big misconception is that all these drug metabolites are swept up by a detox drink. People mostly believe that when you drink the detox drink it removes the toxins in your body permanently.

This is not the case. No detox drink, or anything else, can magically filter your blood and organs of drug toxins.

A detox drink does the following:

  1. The liquid floods the body with the specially constructed liquid that flushes out the kidneys and bladder, meaning that the liquid in it, and entering it in the near future, is free of drug metabolites.
  2. Because your urine would test as being diluted after being flushed, the detox drink contains strong doses of things found in urine, vitamins, minerals, and creatinine. Because it flushes the body with so many of these things, some are passed through the liver and kidneys as waste products. This means that your urine, despite being flushed out, still contains all the things it should naturally.
  3. Once it’s achieved, you will be free of drug metabolite until fresh ones are processed by your body, and pass into your urine stream again. For some people, this can be many hours, but for a really chronic weed smoker, it might only buy them 2-3 hours clean. But that’s enough time for you to submit a urine sample in.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

Of course, the million-dollar question is do detox drinks work? The answer is yes, as long as you follow the instructions closely then they will, but only for a few hours.

In order to most successfully achieve detox drink drug test success, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Stop smoking weed (or taking in any other drugs) for as long as possible, 72 hours before your drug test as a minimum if you can, but hopefully at least 48 hours.
  2. Do a natural detox for as long as possible as well. If you can do 72 hours, that’s brilliant. A natural detox consists of the following steps:
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise and sweat daily
  • Eat small meals
  • Eat foods that are rich in fiber and protein
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Do not eat refined carbohydrates and fat
  • Cut out alcohol and tobacco, or any other toxins
  1. Use a pre-rid pill course during the 48 hours before your drug test if possible. The strongest out there is Toxin Rid, and they do single day, and dual day courses which are great for this purpose.
  2. 90 minutes before your drug test, drink the contents of the bottle of detox drink. Urinate frequently over the next 45-60 minutes, then go and submit your sample.

So look, yes a detox drink will work, and you can increase its efficiency by taking all the steps above seriously.

If you can’t do any of that, if you literally have a drug test today and have no time to do any detoxification, then the best detox drinks will probably still work. But for the people with the worst toxin levels, they may not work for long enough to allow you to go and submit your sample.

You might be better off submitting synthetic urine, which is an alternative I will talk about later on in this guide to using detox drinks for weed.

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Detox Drinks Vs Detox Pills

Detox drinks Vs detox pills are really like comparing apples to oranges. As you now know, detox drinks just mask the toxins for a few hours. You have a window of opportunity, but it’s very small.

Detox pills are completely different. Although you can use them to get rid of some toxins, leaving fewer metabolites for the detox drink to mask, primarily they are used to do a full natural detox more rapidly.

To be fully detoxified can take 1-2 weeks, depending on your exposure level. A 7-10 day course of a strong detox pill like Toxin Rid can remove toxins at up to double the natural rate, so if it would take you two weeks to get clean naturally, you’ll usually be clean in a week.

So as you can see, they are usually two completely different strategies. One way you have a couple of weeks to get properly clean so you can submit a sample without worrying, and the other to use if you’ve got very light toxin exposure, or you face a drug test within the next 72 hours.

Homemade Detox Drinks Do Not Work

Part of me thinks this doesn’t need to be said, but unfortunately looking online it appears it does. Home remedy detox drinks do not work. It really is that simple.

There are no exceptions to this. Even the Certo method, which involves drinking a gallon of fruit pectin, only partially works.

It works by flushing out toxins in your bladder, and also the fiber helps to draw more cannabis metabolites out through the bowel.  But it does nothing to mask the toxins for the drug test, or to balance your urine. So you will still either test positive, or at the very least your sample will come under much closer scrutiny.

So please ignore homemade detox drinks. Drinking various types of tea, baking soda, and water, cranberry juice, none of these home remedies work.

Avoid Detox Drinks From Walmart

My next warning is to avoid detox drinks at Walmart. Although it’s convenient, they only offer low quality brands. There are two slight exceptions to this, Qcarbo32, and Mega Clean. Qcarbo32 should be seen only as a last resort, and even then only if you can do a 48 hour detox at least.

Mega Clean is a slightly different story and is one of my top three best detox drinks for weed, but with caveats, I will talk about in the reviews of these best detox drinks at the end of the guide.

It’s the same with Walgreens, GNC, all of these big stores. They sell low-quality detox drinks that really have a poor track record. It’s far better to get your detox drink from specialist companies who have powerful recipes that change as evidence comes in from drug test results each year.

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Best Option To Pass A Drug Test: Synthetic Urine

Before I go on to tell you about the best three detox drinks for drug tests, I’ll just mention synthetic urine here as well.

Fake pee is actually the best way to pass a drug test. You see, most drug tests are unsupervised, which means that nobody is in the room with you.

So the easiest thing to do is to submit a sample of high-quality synthetic urine that closely mimics human urine. As long as you get the temperature right when you submit it (which is easy to do with the top brands), you virtually guarantee success with far more likely than using a detox drink.

A detox drink should really only be used if you haven’t got the balls to submit a fake sample, or your drug test is supervised (there will be somebody observing you).

So if you’re thinking about using a detox drink, and it’s unsupervised, then also please consider using synthetic urine. The top brand is Quick Luck, closely followed by Sub Solution. Both of these are a great choice and will virtually guarantee you pass any unsupervised drug test.

By using synthetic urine there is no detoxification needed, no abstinence. You just have to smuggle it in and submit it, which is easy to do. But if you simply don’t want to do that, then a detox drink is your only way to pass at short notice.

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Best 3 Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

Okay, let’s finish this guide to the best detox drinks for weed by talking about the top three drinks out there.

These are the best based on my own experiences, both with live drug testing and testing them with home drug test kits. Also anecdotal evidence from friends I know and have recommended very strings to, and people online that I know who have used detox drinks both successfully and unsuccessfully.

  1. Ultra Eliminex

Probably the most powerful detox drink around at the minute is Ultra Eliminex. It’s made by Herbal Clean, the same people who make Qcarbo32. However, it’s far more powerful, and a completely different formula. Fully updated, and taking things to the next level.

You don’t need to drink any more water with this formula. You literally just drink the bottle of detox drink, urinate a couple of times, and you should be clean for several hours.

It’s an incredibly strong, potent formula that will fully replace what you have lost in your urine stream to make it appear fully natural.

For most people, unless you have heavy toxin exposure (daily weed smoker for example), then only a 24 hour detox is needed, and for light toxin exposure, you won’t need any sort of detox period. Of course, if you can detox to 72 hours, you will stand more chance with any detox drink.

So for me, based on a live drug test six months ago, and home drug test to see how good it was a few months before that, I can definitely say it’s one of the best detox drinks for weed out there.

Ultra Eliminex

  1. Mega Clean

Second, on my list of the best detox drinks for weed is Mega Clean. There is actually a caveat to this drink as I mentioned earlier. On its own, it’s only slightly better than Qcarbo32. So perfectly good enough if you’ve got very light toxin exposure, say you smoked a couple of joints a few days ago. This will mask that perfectly.

If you have heavy toxin exposure then on its own it will struggle, but less so if you can do a 72 hour detox before using it.

However, the reason it’s in second place is that if you buy it from TestClear, they bundle in six powerful Toxin Rid pre-rid pills with it completely free. You use these as part of a 24-hour detox before the day of your test, and they will push out far more toxins than you can naturally. If you do this, alongside a couple of days detox beforehand, then Mega Clean will admirably hide the toxins that are left, and leave your urine perfectly balanced.

So on its own, it’s not that great unless you have light toxin exposure. But bundled up with the powerful pre-rid pills and a 48-72 hour detox, and it’s as good as Ultra Eliminex.

Mega Clean detox

  1. Rescue Cleanse

Another great detox drink for drug tests is Rescue Cleanse. On its own, it’s more powerful than Mega Clean, which is why it in third place because I’m assuming you would only buy Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills.

But with a 48 hour detox, Rescue Cleanse will be potent enough to cover up the toxins of pretty much any level of a drug user.

You can make Rescue Cleanse or any of the detox drinks mentioned here more powerful by buying a course of Toxin Rid to go with them. Although you get a day course with Mega Clean if you are using Rescue Cleanse and it can’t hurt to buy a 24-48 hour course of Toxin Rid to make sure there are fewer toxins to deal with on the day of your test.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

Detox Drinks For Weed Conclusion

Any three of the brilliant detox drinks for weed I’ve just mentioned will pass you a drug test. Just make sure you detoxify for at least 48 hours, use pre-rid pills where possible, and give yourself a couple of hours on the day to drink the drink and urinate frequently.

My final top tip here is to always have a couple of home drug test kits handy. That way you will know if you are genuinely clean just before you walk out of the door.

If you’re not clean, then I’d advise you have that synthetic urine backup ready, or at the very least a second detox drink. But for 90% of people, one of these three powerful detox drinks alongside a 48 hour detox will be more than enough to mask the toxins.