How to pass a drug test

Sure Jell Drug Test Method (Certo Method): Quick Guide

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to pass a drug test, then the Sure Jell drug test method is certainly one you will come across quite quickly.

Also known as the Certo method, it’s basically a cheap way of trying to flush drug toxins out of your body and maintain a natural-looking balance in your urine so that you can submit a clean and valid sample.

But is there is a shred of scientific or practical evidence that the Sure Jell drug test method works? Well, that’s the question I’m going to answer for you right now in this quick guide. I’ll also tell you about a couple of other strategies you can employ instead, should you decide that the Certo/Sure Jell method is too risky for you.

What Is The Certo/Sure Jell Drug Test Method?

Certo and Sure-Jell are both brand names of fruit pectin. So you could use any brand or even generic fruit pectin. It’s basically concentrated sweet fiber that you mix with water or other liquid.

The idea is that you follow the Sure Jell drug test method to try and achieve the following:

  1. To flush out the toxins passing through your kidneys, in your bladder, and in your urinary tract.
  2. To maintain the balance in your urine so that it appears natural for a few hours, and toxin-free.
  1. To give you a window of opportunity of just a few hours during which your urine will test as normal and allow you to submit a clean sample.

So basically, it’s a home remedy method. Home remedies are methods where people attempt to use easily available products and items to try and pass a drug test. We are talking about things like drinking cranberry juice, the baking soda method, fruit juices of various types, various types of tea, the list goes on.

But there’s actually no other home remedy method that has so much anecdotal evidence online, and just a small amount of scientific evidence, to back up the fact that it might work.

What I want to say though very quickly is that this is not a permanent detox. After a few hours, toxins will leak back into your urine unless you are incredibly lucky and have no more in your body.

So, don’t think that by doing the Certo method that you are permanently detoxing your body of toxins, you are not, you are flushing them out and then masking the fact you have for just a few hours until toxins start leaking back into your urine.

How To Pass A Drug Test With Sure Jell

So let’s continue this guide to the Sure Jell drug test method by quickly running you through the instructions:

  1. For as many days as possible before your test, abstain from taking drugs, drink plenty of water, and exercise much as possible. This will help to push more toxins out of your body.
  2. Make sure you have the following ingredients to hand. Certo or similar fruit pectin, two bottles of Gatorade, a cheap packet of creatine monohydrate (available from supplement stores), a multivitamin pill, and a vitamin B2 supplement/pill.
  3. The evening before your drug test mixes up a packet of the Certo and Gatorade. Drink this down as quickly as possible. Then drink a small amount of water (around 8 oz). Then the rest of the evening urinate as frequently as possible and try to pass stools as well.
  4. On the day of your test, two hours before you leave, mix together the second packet of Sure-Jell with the second bottle of Gatorade. Repeat the process as outlined in step three. Make sure you urinate several times in the time up to when you leave.
  5. An additional tip for me is to make sure that you do a home drug test kit about one hour after you have done the method, and certainly before you leave. This will tell you if it worked, or not.

If you follow the steps closely then technically you should be clean of drug toxins for about five hours. But even if it works at all, if you have heavy toxin exposure, especially if you haven’t had many days to detox beforehand, then it could be far less than five hours, sometimes as little as two hours.

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Do You Have to Use Certo And Gatorade?

One of the key things I’ve seen asked online is do you have to use Certo and Gatorade? Well, I don’t think you do. I think you could actually just use water. Or you could use Lucozade or any other sports drink.

They all contain caffeine and sugar, that’s basically what gives you the energy boost. My belief is that the caffeine can stimulate you to urinate (it’s a mild diuretic), and the sugar increases your energy levels and again makes your body process things more quickly, which is the reasoning behind it.

Does Certo Work To Pass A Drug Test

But the big question you have to answer is: does Certo work to pass a drug test? If it doesn’t, then what a waste of time all this is! Scientifically speaking, fruit pectin is a fiber, and fiber produces higher levels of bile, and is absorbed through the bowel.

Because cannabis metabolites bind to fat and 60% of them exit the body through the bowels, by taking in lots of fiber rapidly, it means more of those metabolites will bind to the bile and be escorted out of the body at a faster rate. This means they aren’t going to be in your system to appear in your urine.

So if you’re cannabis smoker, then sure, using Certo for drug test success is something to consider. If you’re not, if this is cocaine or some other metabolites, then the whole method is almost completely useless. It’s not really much better than just flushing out your system with water and then taking a vitamin pill and hoping for the best.

On top of that, even as a cannabis smoker, the chances of success for this are pretty slim. I know people who have failed using this method because it’s so obviously flawed.

For a start, you drinking a lot of liquid that can dilute your urine. But more than that, just chucking some vitamins and creatine down your throat in a random volume is not going to reflect in your urine as a balanced amount of waste vitamins, minerals, and creatinine. It’s just not in the right proportions.

That’s why I simply wouldn’t recommend the Sure Jell drug test method to anyone. Sure, if you’ve got 24 hours until a drug test, and you can’t get hold of anything professional quality, then getting all that from your local store will give you more of a chance than doing nothing, but you’re still tossing a coin, it’s that uncertain.

Do Any Home Remedies Work?

The truth is that no home remedies work to pass a drug test. One of the big ones is the baking soda method, where you literally mix baking soda with water.

But just like all the other methods, the science behind them is flawed, and it doesn’t in reality work. 20 years ago, maybe, but with modern urinalysis methods and digital technology? Not a chance in hell.

So forget all home remedies, you’re going to have to really invest either time or money on this. If you got time, that’s fine. If you are a light user, in about one week with a natural detox you’ll be fine anyway.

If you are a heavy cannabis user, or you readily taking large doses of drugs, or you have a slow metabolism, it could take you two or three weeks to do a full natural detox though.

How To Really Pass A Drug Test

So rather than relying on home remedies like the Sure Jell drug test method, let’s talk about the professional products out there which will pass a drug test. Let’s talk first about professional detox drinks, the alternative to the home-made nonsense that we’ve talked about in this guide.

Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, and Mega Clean all have a proven track record in being able to flush out drug toxins, maintain the balance of your urine, and give you several hours during which you can submit a clean sample.

All three of these drinks work by flushing out the toxins far more quickly than you can naturally, flooding your body with the exact balance of nutrients that are needed to pass through as waste and appear in your urine to make it balance and to maximize the time you will be clean.

Alternatively, the absolute surefire way to pass a drug test is not to mess around with your own sample at all, but to submit a sample of fake urine.

Certo drug test alternatives

Sub Solution or Quick Luck are the two brands I would recommend, both made by Clear Choice.

Both are highly complex, containing at least 14 chemical markers found in human urine. They look, smell, and even froth like real human urine.

Better than that, they get around the problem of submitting the sample within the correct temperature range (between 90°F 100°F), because they use heat activator powder to raise the temperature.

Just before you go into the building to submit your sample, keep tapping in small amounts of heat activator powder until you get a reading on the temperature strip, tuck it in your underwear, and you got about 20 minutes to submit a sample that will pass even the closest scrutiny.

Professional detox drinks or top quality synthetic urine I just so much more sensible solution to trying to pass a drug test than any home remedy like the Certo method.